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Being blessed by an unlikely source


We all hope that everyone will like us but that is never going to be happen. Some people
will not like you because they can’t manipulate, bully or control you. While some will not
like you because they are not given access to your personal possessions, that you worked
for. Yet there are others, that will think you took away their success, that they never
worked for.

You will be called names, just because you stand your ground but its better to stand for
something than stand for nothing or everything. Joseph was not liked by his brothers
(Genesis 37: 11) but he ended up saving their lives and that of the other Israelites in the
famine (Genesis 47: 11,12) .

My Experience

I once had a neighbour who would malice me regularly when she did not get access to my
worldly possessions, that she was somehow entitled to. At times I could stay in my yard
and hear all the disparaging remarks she would make about me. I paid her no mind. The
Christian thing to do, is to seek reconciliation but in this instance, her malicing me was a
regular occurrence. I honestly don’t understand why grown people with children behave
in such a childish manner.

In one of her malicing seasons’, I wanted assistance in having an area painted, so I bought
the paint and began to pray that God would send someone to help me. The job also
required a ladder, which I did not have, plus it would have been too much work for one

In faith, I went outside praying and painting and there she was shouting at me that she
would be coming to help me. Imagine that, of all the people that God would send, it is the
same woman that malice me for my things. We applied the priming coat and finished
late in the evening. She said, she didn’t know what was happening to her but she just felt
like she wanted to paint some more. I had to get paint for her because she was so
energized. She even came back the next day and brought a ladder too. My prayers were
answered, as I got the ladder, the place painted with the assistance of a relative and the
neighbor. I was blessed from an unlikely source. The woman who maliced me.

A look at Mordecai, a Bible character who was blessed by his enemy

In the book of Esther 3:1, 2 we encounter Haman, who was promoted by King Ahasuerus
and placed in charged of the other leaders. All the King’s servant at the gates bowed down
to him and paid homage except Mordecai. When Haman became aware that Mordecai
would not bow to him, he was very angry. Haman found out that he was a Jew and he
wanted to kill him and his people (Esther 3: 5 – 6). However, God had other plans for

In Esther Chapter 6: 1 -12, King Ahasuerus could not sleep one night and asked a servant
to bring “The Book of History of Kings”, which was read to him. He learnt that Mordecai
had exposed two of the King’s Officers, who were plotting to assassinate King Ahasuerus
and there was no record of Mordecai being honoured for his good deed.

Haman came along, to suggest that the King hang Mordecai on the gallows that he
(Haman) had prepared for him. The King had other plans for Mordecai. King Ahasuerus
asked him (Haman) for advice on “what should be done for a man the king wants to
honour? Haman thought to himself, “Who is there that the king would want to honor
more than me? I’m sure that the King is talking about honoring me.” (Esther 6:6, ERV).
After he outlined all that must be done for such a man, King Ahasuerus took his advice
then told him to go and find Mordecai, the Jew and do everything that he suggested. After
Haman was finished honoring Mordecai he “…..hurried home with his head covered
because he was embarrassed and ashamed.” (Esther 6:12, ERV)

What did I learn from this message?

⚫ I must always exercise my faith and trust that God will provide because he did it in the
past, continues to provide every day, and will in the future.

⚫ The Lord will bless you through any source, he owns and controls everything and

⚫ The more the enemy tries to bury us, the more the Lord will exalt us.

⚫ Adults who have children must be mature in their dealings so that the children can
have a good road map to follow. Parents can’t display the same childish behaviors as
their children, what then will happen to the next generation?

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