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Jesus, Lover Of Outcasts


In this ever-changing fast pace world called the information age, it’s easy to get lost in the megabytes, of likes, followers, connections, and friends online.  We are created to be social beings, yet in this era of modern transport and many modes of communication, most of our relationships are in cyberspace.  People get into arguments with people they don’t know and get into real fits of rage based on the images or comments on their screens.  Is this true living? Have we stopped building good long lasting relationships with people because of technology and the isolation we experienced from COVID-19?  Are we being our brother’s/sister’s keepers as Jesus Christ requires?

Feeling alone

Even though the pandemic for the most part is over, there are people suffering in silence, feeling neglected and alone. There are hurting people who feel that they are not valued and not seen but there is someone who values us all and sees us all.  Our Heavenly Father sees all our needs and all our hurts. He is especially close to people that Society has tossed aside because they did not or do not fit into a mold created by men (human beings).

In the Bible we encounter a few people that were treated as outcasts, there is the lady with the issue of blood and Zacchaeus the tax collector, among others. These were people that Society pushed aside due to sickness or sin, who were deemed unworthy to be in the same company as the rest of the citizenry.

Let us analyze their stories

The woman with the issue of blood story is captured in Luke 8: 43 – 48. She was sick for a very long time and we know that when people are sick for an extended period, sometimes their relatives and friends give up on them. The issue of blood that she had, would have probably made her feel like a leper, she was probably weak, depressed and lonely, after suffering for so many years. Jesus was her last hope and she reached out in a crowd and touched the border/hem his garment. She was hoping to just get her healing and flee but she knew she got healed and she eventually gave a testimony of Jesus’ healing power. She went from a nobody to somebody in a short period of time.  She was restored and now had the opportunity to lead a normal life again and build back her wealth, having spent all she had to get healing. Most importantly she was no longer an Outcast due to sickness.

Zacchaeus, the rich tax collector

Jesus came to save all types of people, rich, poor, and in between and he proved this when he visited the house of Zacchaeus whose story is captured in Luke 19: 1 – 10.  Zacchaeus’ desire for change and his curiosity caused him to climb a tree because he was short. What I understand from this Bible passage, is that it doesn’t matter if we are in a tree or in a hole in the ground hiding, Jesus knows where to find us. He came to heal the sick and being sick does not only apply to physical ailments like a broken leg or lying in a hospital bed from a stroke. Being sick can also mean that we are tired of living in sin and want a fresh start that only Jesus can give.


Jesus is a healer who is able to fix all our ailments and forgive us of all our sins. He is standing at the door knocking with an outstretched arm, waiting for us to let him into all areas of our lives. We all can be included in the Kingdom of God, where we will no longer be Outcasts if we accept him as our Lord and Saviour and repent of our sins.

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