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From Bitterness to Betterness

Principles To Change Your Outlook On Life



Do you want to overcome bitterness, unforgiveness and the hurt of your past? Well, you are in the right place. This book “From Bitterness to Betterness” is for you. Yes, you, who had a rough childhood, experienced emotional and physical abuse, and suffered a broken heart. You may be a teenager, a single mother, in a committed relationship or married and feel that you are not whole and there is something missing.

This book chronicles the life of a young girl named Genie who was born to a teenage mother who was unprepared for her arrival. Genie grew up to suffer from severe emotional abuse that resulted in her suffering from low self-esteem as she harboured unhealthy, self-destructive thoughts.

The principles outlined in this book will guide you on the power of forgiveness, breaking generational curses, establishing a road map for your life, pursuing your purpose and reassuring your parents that even though you suffered at their hands, you now know they weren’t equipped to be parents at the time of your arrival.

Finally, my friends, remember that you were created for a purpose and, with God’s help, you will overcome the brokenness and betrayal you now feel to achieve your God-given purpose and live a transformed life, just like Genie.

Book Testimonials

We can overcome any challenge if we have the right mindset. This book reminds me of the importance of not giving up despite the odds. A powerful story of transformation.

Amazon Customer Transforming!

Wow!! I really enjoyed this book. The author story was extremely inspirational and love the practical tips. As the subtitle says it tells us how to change our outlook on life and it really did. Get this book!! You’ll be empowered.

Kim Powerful. Inspirational

Inspirational book about overcoming adversity, such a good read. I am happy with my purchase 🙂

Chrissy S Inspirational

Mellisha cudos to you for turning your Marrah experiences into a message. Often times ones exposure to abuse, hurt and unfavorable experiences shape the course of their lives and that cycle is repeated. That was not the case for you because you broke that trend. It takes a strong person to do what you have done.

Jeremy Morgan From Marrah to Magnificent - Beauty to Ashes

A very transformational book that has helped me to examine myself and aspire to live a life free from the skeletons of past hurt.

Kemone Francis Transformational Book

"From Bitterness to Betterness" is a must read. You will gain important lessons on forgiveness as the author shares with such transparency. Deep message.

Donna Morris Powerful book!

A great reminder that we are created for purpose. I like that the book reminds us that we are able to overcome any challenges that confront us.

Chevonette Inspiring

This is an amazing book. Despite the suffer, the pain, God can make great things in our lives. He uses our difficult to build a stronger person. The author make us to think about the pain, and how God can help us. In Him our scars are healed. We need more Genies in the world! Women that look to God and build a better future.

Franciele Macedo From Bitterness to Betterness: Amazing!

Mellisha cudos to you for turning your bitter or Marrah experiences into a message. You broke the usual cycle. It takes a strong person to do that.

Stephen From Marrah to Magnificent

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