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The season of renewal


In the Book of Luke Chapter 15, Jesus gave three parables: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son.  Each of the parables tells the story of someone who either lost something or someone of value to them. When they found their missing item or person, they broke out into celebration and told everyone that their valued item or special someone had returned.

God’s gift to humanity

We are just coming out of the Christmas season, a time when we pause to give our Heavenly Father thanks for sending Jesus Christ. Jesus came to redeem His valuable jewels (His Father’s precious children) and be the best gift to the human race.   Some persons may have received gifts from Santa Claus (if they made the nice list and had a chimney) and others who never received a gift probably he never had their addresses.  

Thankfully Christians don’t have to depend on this person, who does not have worldwide coverage and does not know us individually. We have Jesus, who knows where we are and who we are.

Jesus is still waiting and ready to help us

In Luke 15: 20 – 24, we read that the Father saw his son (the prodigal son) from a long way off and he ran to him, placed a robe on him, kissed him, and got the fatted calf which was being specially reserved for his return (in my opinion). The lost son was coming back home after a wasteful life and after almost dying of hunger. He came to his senses when he had to lower his standards to eat pig food after his riches had faded (Luke 15: 11-19).  Just like the prodigal son, some of us may be out in the desert of life and we want to go back home but we feel embarrassed because when we were leaving we cursed off everyone and burned the bridges.  

In the book of Genesis Chapter 33, Esau and Jacob had a similar reunion when Jacob had to face his brother after stealing his birthright (Genesis 27). Jacob hid from his brother for many years, as he feared he would be killed by him but he (Esau) met him in love and forgiveness.

What happened between the prodigal son and his father and Esau and Jacob, is what Jesus requires of us but we know that this restoration is sometimes easier said than done. When faced with situations like this, the best way to resolve it is to ask ourselves ‘What would Jesus do’? 

He told us to forgive (Matthew 6:14) (Matthew 18: 21-22), turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), and bless those who curse and persecute us (Matthew 5:44).  I must say it takes a lot of Jesus to stand and listen to someone tell lies on you.  When I get really angry my ears begin to burn with the fire of rage, like a cartoon character. But I stop and ask myself, is this worth losing my peace or missing Heaven?  Nope. I suggest we leave everything in our Heavenly Father’s capable hands (Deuteronomy 32:35) (Romans 12:19). Is it easy? Not at all. However, we have to seek God and let him change us, even if the person or situation does not change.  You will become better. How do I know this? Because you will be displaying the fruit of the spirit found in Galatians 5: 22-23 and if the aforementioned actions of others no longer bother you, you are maturing and growing to be just like Christ.

You are important!

The enemy wants you to feel that you are alone and that no one loves you and that you are not needed.  He will use your past mistakes against you, to convince you that redemption is impossible.  Don’t listen to him, he means you no good. He likes when you are down and confused because when you are in that state, you can’t fulfill your God given purpose. If you are feeling sad and lonely in this season. Remember that Jesus came to earth to save you and HE is still waiting.

Go back home

If you are longing for home, my advice to you is to swallow your pride, get some building materials and build back the bridge you destroyed in your arrogance. Humble yourself and go back home like the prodigal son and seek forgiveness.  I know when you return there will be opposition from your own brethren, like the prodigal son’s brother (Luke 15: 28-30) who stayed out of the celebration. Sometimes you just have to find a new home, as the old home was what broke you down in the first place.

The goal

Whatever happens remember your ultimate goal is to be with Jesus, your return to HIM will be a Heavenly celebration. Let being in the care of Jesus be the best gift you receive in this new season.

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